About Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights Inc (ALHR) was established in 1993, and incorporated as an association in NSW in 1998 (ABN 76 329 114 323).

ALHR is a network of Australian lawyers active in practising and promoting awareness of international human rights standards in Australia. ALHR has a national membership of over 1,200 people, with active National, State and Territory committees.

Through training, information, submissions and networking, ALHR promotes the practice of human rights law in Australia. ALHR has extensive experience and expertise in the principles and practice of international law, and human rights law in Australia.

ALHR is a member of the Australian Forum of Human Rights Organisations. It is a member of the Commonwealth Attorney General's NGO Forum on Human Rights, and the Department for Foreign Affairs Human Rights NGO Consultations.

Issues addressed by ALHR include anti-terrorism laws, refugee and asylum seeker issues, proposed reforms of the Human Rights and Equal OpportunIty Commission, amendments to anti-discrimination laws, and Australia's National Human Rights Action Plan.

To help lawyers use human rights remedies in their daily legal work, ALHR runs seminars on the use of international human rights standards in daily legal practice, in areas such as family law, tenancy, anti-discrimination, crime, corporations, land and environment, and employment.

The ALHR National Committee oversees State and Territory committees currently active in Queensland, the ACT, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. Please contact us if you are interested in convening ALHR activities in your State or Territory.

The 2013 National Committee is:

John Southalan (President)
Nathan Kennedy (Vice-President)
Alister Oulton (Secretary)
Bridget Armstrong (Treasurer)
Kerry Weste (Ordinary Member, NSW)
Maja Doma (Ordinary Member VIC)
Tom Serafin (Ordinary Member QLD)
Patrick Keyser (Ordinary Member QLD)
Nicholas Duff (WA Co-convenor)
Susan Harris-Rimmer (ACT Co-convenor)
John Croker (ACT Co-convenor)
Jarrah Hoffman-Ekstein (NSW Co-convenor)
Vicky Kuek (NSW Co-convenor)
Lauren Holm (Qld Co-convenor)
Sarah Burnside (Ordinary Member NSW)
Benedict Coyne (Ordinary Member QLD)
Alexander Reilly (SA Co-convenor)
Anna Bulman (SA Co-convenor)
Lily Tsen (Vic Co-convenor)
Genevieve Balgarnie (WA Co-convenor)
Roslyn Cook (NT Co-convenor)
Tammy Wong (NT Co-convenor)
Henry Pill (Tas Co-convenor)
Jennifer White (Tas Co-convenor)
Adam Gregory (Tas Co-Convenor)
Phillip Tahmindjis (International)

Please use the links to join ALHR or to inquire about our work and services.